Q: What do my event registration fees cover?

A: The $149 registration fee covers:

  • Blue Mountain 2-day/ 24h lift ticket, including 24h BLUE MTN specific ski run access and corresponding Blue Mountain Village venue access, Team ski bib, an inaugural 24h BLUE MTN commemorative baseball cap, a participant Welcome Reception/Party Friday night and a complimentary Particpant Breakfast Saturday morning.

Q: Do I receive a tax receipt for my event registration fees?

A: No. Those fees exclusively apply to various event costs. Tax receipts are only provided for event charitable donations.

Q: Do I have to raise the minimum donation amount of $150 prior to skiing?

Yes. This event is designed to meaningfully help Special Olympics and the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital. Each team member must raise this minimum amount prior to the relay race. We can offer fundraising suggestions well in advance of event weekend, if you are having difficulties reaching your goal.

Q: How do I raise charitable funds?

24h BLUE MTN has online tools and resources in the Participant Centre to help you easily and quickly reach out to your social network for donations. Donation forms are also available online for personal or mailed donation preferences.

Q: How do I know if someone has supported me?

A default setting can prompt you by email when someone has donated directly to you. You can also review personal donations when logging into your own participant account.

Q: Do personal donors receive a tax receipt?

Yes – for donations of $10.00 or greater. Online donors will quickly receive an online receipt.

Q: Can children participate in this relay event?

No. Since this event occurs overnight and will also have alcoholic beverages available, only legal adults (19 years of age or older) may register.

Q: I don’t ski. Can I come watch someone participate?

Yes. Friends and family members can definitely come to Blue Mountain Village to cheer on participants. However, please note that some mountain and village areas are exclusively reserved for event registrants only.

Q: I am just an average skier. Can I still participate?

A: Yes. While this event has a competitive element, it is mostly about having fun while helping assist two worthwhile charities. For self-protection, however, each participant must have both a sufficient technical competency and downhill skiing/boarding comfort level.

Q: I only snowboard. Can I join a team?

Absolutely. Teams can be comprised of: boarders, skiers or a combination of each.

Q: How big is each team?

Teams can vary in size from a minimum of 6 adults to a maximum of 12 adults.

Q: I want to participate, but don’t have a team. Can I still register?

Yes. We will team you with folks in similar circumstances to ensure you have a day and night of fun.

Q: When does the race start and end?

The 24-hour relay is set to start at 12:00 NOON on February 24th and end at 12:00 NOON on February 25th. Registration + opening & closing ceremonies add slightly to both start and end times.

Q: Does everyone ski the entire 24 hours?

No. For safety reasons, only one member of each team is allowed on the hill at a time. However, teams definitely DO NOT have to have a member on the hill at all times. Remember, this event is about enhancing wellness, so relax and rest as needed! It is at the discretion of each team as to how their members will rotate on-hill relay shifts over the 24 hours.

Q: Do I have to ski/board or can I simply stay in the lodge having fun?

A: While that may be understandably tempting, each member of a team must complete at least one run to qualify for any potential event recognition.

Q: I want to be involved, but don’t own any equipment?

A: Blue Mountain will have several sizes of helmets, boots, skis and boards available for rent on event day.

Q: Do I need to book a weekend room at Blue Mountain for this event?

A: No. The event begins on Saturday and concludes Sunday. Common rooms for engaging and relaxing within the event lodge will be available to registered participants for the entire 24 hours. For added comfort and amenities, however, you may wish to consider accommodations for 1 or more nights at Blue Mountain (NOTE: reservations for nightly and weekend packages at Blue Mountain will be available on a first-come booking basis). Please call or email Blue Mountain Number soon (number, email), if you are interested in on-site accommodations for event weekend.

Q: How are the winning teams determined?

“Most Runs” (Team/Category) will be calculated over the 24 hour race period using digital chip technology.

“Most Funds” (Individual/Team/Category) will be determined by total sum of online and personally submitted donations as of 12:00 NOON on Saturday, February 24th, 2018.

Q: Is there a tentative rain date for 24h BLUE MTN?

No. This event will occur on February 24th, 2018, irrespective of weather conditions. Blue Mountain has state-of-the-art snow making equipment to ensure event hills will be ready for racing.

Q: Do I need to sign the 24h BLUE MTN event waiver?

A: Yes – if you plan to participate. You must acknowledge there are potential risks involved with this event prior to taking part or you will be not be granted access to any on-site event facilities.